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We're excited that you are considering Oklahoma Real Estate Academy for your real estate education.

We place a strong emphasis on the practical aspects of working in the real estate industry.  We strive not only to prepare our students to pass the state exam, but also to instill them with insights that will enable them to be knowledgeable and ethical practitioners in a field that can be professionally challenging and personally rewarding.  All of our teachers are certified real estate instructors with a substantial amount of experience.  In fact, our instructors have a total combined experience of more than a century!

At Oklahoma Real Estate Academy, earning the trust of our students has been and always will be one of our top priorities, second only to ensuring our students' success.


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"Steve Oliver’s many years in this business has influenced his compassionate and empathetic position towards real estate sales people. From the classroom to the closing table, Steve overwhelms you with his willingness to teach, tutor, train, and serve. I would not have made it in this business without his willingness to give so generously of his time."

- Christina Sagehorn

"The instructors were all experienced professionals already in the business. They were extremely knowledgeable and made learning the course material fun. The casual environment of the classroom makes it easy to get involved in the discussions. The Oklahoma Real Estate Academy provided me with the tools and one on one instruction I needed to pass the real estate exam."

- Eric Rohwer

"All of the instructors are very knowledgeable and experienced, so they give you 'Real World' examples to better help you understand. They also take a genuine interest in your ability to learn the material and pass your exams. Coming from a totally different field, this school and the instructors made the transition so much easier."

- Carolyn Davis

"The Real Estate Academy is a great school. The instructor Steve Oliver is an awesome teacher.  I was able to pass the state test on the first try. They will test you in every area of the real estate business and you will be very prepared not only for the state test but for selling real estate. I would give this school and Steve Oliver 5 out 5 stars."

- Peggy Absher

"There were so many schools to choose from when I started thinking about getting my license. It didn't help that they were all mostly priced the same, offered at various hours, etc. I had so many questions. Steve Oliver not only answered my questions, but provided me with invaluable guidance. Someone was always in the office and available to answer my questions and someone was always cheering me on. I highly recommend the Oklahoma Real Estate Academy."

- Desiree Hackney

"Our classes were interesting and interactive. The instructors were all real estate professionals with lots of experience and insight into the area market. We felt confident and prepared going into our licensing exam and were extremely pleased with the results."


- Paul and Johnna Girod


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NOTICE: “Effective November 1, 2009, state law prohibits the issuance of a real estate license to any person who has been convicted, pled guilty or pled nolo contendere to a felony for a pre-determined number of years based on the classification of said felony. For clarification, please contact the Commission and/or review the cited section of law as referenced herein. Additionally, if the applicant has delinquent unpaid child support or student loans, the applicant must check with the Real Estate Commission before enrolling in this class. The Commission will allow the applicant to seek preapproval prior to enrolling in a pre-license course.”